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Monday, October 22, 2012

Suggested Reading Sequence


Modern digital magic is being used to imprison us 

The most critical elements involved in exposing this trick

The Mission of this blog: prove the Red Bull Stratos Event either true or false.

Photography replaces Cartoons (still cartoons)

Photos - ...are all manipulated.

Foto Forensic analysis proves RedBullStratos.com are faking the photos.

RED BULL MEDIA COMPANY output is unapologetic about being THE media behind the event.

Greenscreen is critical in faking news events.

The Damned Metric System

CONVERSIONS - British vs. metric units are a big headache in looking at this hoax.

Earth's Atmosphere

Beginning at the beginning with a primer on Earth's atmospheric shell.

Braking - ...from high altitute-- numbers don't make sense.

Capsule weight - ...too heavy for the balloon.

TEMPERATURE at 120,000 can be 80F below!! How did Felix keep warm?

ASCENT speed doubled at 115,000 feet?

Online Personalities Looking at This Situation

Simon Shack - ...contributes to my new thread about Red Bull despite locking previous Red Bull thread.

Fred Benario - ...and Hoi Polloi seem touchy and over-reactive.

Markus Allen - ...exposes Simon Shack

Clues - ....politics and personalities get me banned.



SCHPANKME - who let the dog FBenario out?

HEIWA'S Balloon take-off analysis shows capsule would crash on take-off.

Nick Denton of Gizmodo promotes Felix helmet cam as reality.

Corporations, Mainstream media, Institutions and Universities who appear to be in collusion with the Red Bull hoax.

MIT Icarus - ...students sent camera to 120K feet

Skylifter - ...opinion on the truth about Red Bull stunt.

What do we do next? 

I'm not sure yet.